We build a wide varierty of truck mounted Toppers. Due to the wide variety in pickup truck bed sizes, Toppers must now be built in many different sizes. We custom build each Topper to fit your pickup. Toppers may be mounted on any size pickup.

Please give us a call with the specifications of your vehicle.



Full Size Pickup Truck:                       All Aluminum/ 4 dog stalls

8' Bed starts at                                                                     $4,081.00

6' Bed starts at                                                                     $3,880.00

Mid Size Pickup Trucks:

8' Bed Starts at                                                                     $3,797.00

6' Bed Starts at                                                                     $3,317.00

Small Pickup Truck:

Long Bed Starts at                                                               $3,643.00

Short Bed Starts at                                                               $3,317.00

            Base prices include 4 dog stalls in an all aluminum topper with rear storage area.

            Additional dog stalls may be added for $525.00 each.


Full Insulation                                                    $239.00 per stall

Stainless Steel Outer Skin                                    $745.00

12 Gallon Water Tank                                           $290.00

20 Gallon Water Tank                                           $348.00

Exhaust Fan -- 100 cfm                                        $215.00

Exhaust Fan -- 965 cfm                                        $325.00

Luggage Rack                                                       $98.00

Duck Boat Rack                                                     $645.00

Heavy Duty Removeable Rubber Floor Mats  $42.00 per stall

Stainless Steel Door Latches                            $32.00 per door


Interior Lights in Storage Area                           $44.00 each

Exterior Floods Lights                                         $59.00 each

Please call for any additional designs or options


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