ATV Dog Trailers

Jones Trailer Company has been building ATV Dog Trailers for over 25 years. These trailers simplify travel by allowing you to bring your dogs, ATV's, 4 wheelers, and other off road vehicles. The body styles are based on our WJ, Texan, Lone Star, and Stainless Steel model trailers. They can be built with single or tandem axles depending on the weight class. The width of the trailer ranges from 5 to 7 feet. Our ATV Dog Trailers have been built for a single 4 wheeler up to a full size hunting truck. The ATV area can be open or fully enclosed. All ATV Dog Trailers come with louvre vent that can be opened for more air flow.  These trailers will haul 2 to 20 dogs as well as your ATV.  They can be built as a bumper pull or as a gooseneck trailer. We will custom build to your specifications so the sky's the limit. 

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ATV Dog Trailers

Stainless Steel - 6 Dog Stall with storage

Stainless Steel - 8 Stall with Storage

Lone Star - 6 Stall with top storage

Stainless Steel - 8 Stall

ATV Dog Trailers

Custom - 2 Stall

Stainless Steel - 12 Stall with Storage

Stainless Steel - 6 Stall with covered ATV area

Stainless Steel - Gooseneck 8 Stall with storage

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