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More Products

Jones Trailers Company has partnered with other respectable companies to provide our customers with quality products to use in conjuction with our trailers. Take a look at these amazing products.

Please allow a little time for the PDF to download on each link. Some files are large and may take longer to download. 


We have a link to an updated price list for all Tomahawk Live Trap Products below.



Parts Catalog - Download


  Tomahawk Live Trap Price List

 Updated 1-4-13

Live Traps - Download

Professional Traps - Download


Speciality Traps - Download


TNR Cats Traps - Download


Animal Cages & Carriers - Download


Animal Graspers - Download


Animal Control Poles - Download


Snake Handling Equipment - Download


Y-Poles & Bite Stick - Download


Animal Nets - Download


Miscellaneous Products - Download


Trap Accessories - Download


One Way Door Excluders - Download




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